New Images November 25th

Our Project architect, Macfarland Marceau Architects provided us with new working images this week of what the Field Station is going to look like once it is built.  These images are from Google Sketchup models being used as a working tool during the design process.


View from east wall with inner sections exposed to show the shape of the curved beams that form the “clam shell” inspired shape of the public areas.

091120 bldg int 3

View of the Public Foyer – the cutout on the distant wall is the shutter that opens to the teaching and demonstration kitchen that will be operated by VIU’s Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island.

091120 bldg int 2
View from inside the seminar room which can be opened to the Public Foyer for special events.  The view out the window is the actual view.

091120 bldg int 1

Another shot of what the view is going to look like from inside.


2 Responses to “New Images November 25th”

  1. Gord Bystrom Says:

    Please advise who the electrical engineer is for this project.
    With all the windows are you including daylighting controls for the lighting?

    • bkingzett Says:

      Hi, Cobalt Engineering is the electrical engineer and Tyee Electric is the electrical contractor. Daylighting controls are being used throughout the building. Cheers.

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