Virtual Walk-through

John Hemsworth and colleagues at Mcfarland Marceau Architects took their working Google Sketchup model of the new Field Station building and did up a virtual tour which we had running at our oyster bar at the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance Summit this week.   Thanks to VIU Communications who converted it and put it up on Youtube for everyone else to enjoy.

The photos around the model show the actual views and location of the new building in relation to the site and Baynes Sound.  After viewing the building from the water, you spin around and enter through the front door, through the public areas, down to the lab viewing mezzanine levels and then down to the research level.  Hopefully on the next iteration, we will have more of the landscaping in as this one doesn’t show any of the trees on site


4 Responses to “Virtual Walk-through”

  1. Leigh Squires Says:

    Can you please tell me if the building is wheelchair accessible?

    Thank in advance!

  2. Pat King Says:

    Are the facility and the restaurant open to the general public?

    Thanks, Pat

    • bkingzett Says:

      Hi Pat, Right now we are not open the public and our culinary facility is not open as a “restaurant” we are available to rent rooms for meetings and events and use the culinary facility to cater these. Soon as in this summer/fall we expect that we will start offering culinary courses and seminars here. That said if you want to come for a tour that ca always be arranged.

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