Solid Wood Floor Structure

A quick shot from a sunny but cold site today.  These simple nailed together 2×4’s are actually about to become part of something cool- adding significantly to the amount of renewable resources in the building construction.  In this case using pine beetle killed wood in the actual structure.

Floor panels

The construction crew is now building the solid floor panels that will make up the structure of the main floor.  Instead of  a suspended concrete  slab with a big carbon footprint- 2×4’s are being nailed together as shown here into 4’x20′ solid panels that will be laid down to form the slab of the floor.  There will then be a thin layer of concrete poured over top to support the hydronic in-floor heating.  That will be coming from open loop geoexchange from the seawater, even more cool, but that is for another day.

Our structural engineering consultant Fast & Epp says that this used to be a technique used around the turn of the century in downtown Vancouver.  We’re pretty confident that their recommendation is a good one as they just received  the prestigious Sports or Leisure Structures award from The Institution of Structural Engineers for their work on the Richmond Olympic Oval skating centre. The interior of our upper roof is going to be much the same as the Olympic Oval but in miniature, so we cant wait for that either.


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