Construction Update 10.03.31

Upper Floor

The building is really taking shape as the roof nears completion and preparations are made to start pouring floors in the lower sections. This open space view  includes where parts of the public foyer, the teaching/demo kitchen and admin space will be.  Too bad we have to put interior walls up!

Click through to see more photos from March 31st.

conference table

The inner details of the building and the extensive use of BC wood now visible in this photo with the glulam beams carrying the exposed Douglas Fir roof and the solid wood floor (pine beetle wood).  Architects and local electrical contractors, Tyee Electric taking great care in final design tweaks not to take away from the wood detail with exposed wiring. The wood floor will be capped with concrete to support the in-floor ocean geothermal radiant heating.

the view from here

A preview of the view from inside the foyer and seminar room view is going to look like. We are starting to get ready for bookings this fall. (Contact info on lower left of blog)

Northwest corner

From the northwest corner with entrances to wet labs on ground floor, mezzanine exits above (which allow public to look down into labs) and the researcher admin space on top floor.

Front of Building

Front of the Building from east side. Where the foundation in front sticks out, it traces where the atrium wall will be with open connecting space and stairs as well as future interpretive displays.  Lab doors and windows along the lower floor. The mezzanine balcony will run along at the level of the upper windows and allow visitors to view work going on in the research labs.

Lower hallway

A view down the lower hallway. Crush gravel now being packed in over the maze of subloor drains and wiring conduits in preparation for pouring the lower floor slab.


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