Construction Update 10.04.28


Simon (Heatherbrae Construction) gets ready to nail down the last piece of plywood on the roof while a squall comes down the sound. Click through for more photos from today.


Richard and crew working through interior framing. Teaching kitchen directly behind them.

Teaching Lab

John Hemsworth taking a walk through the teaching lab – all cleaned out in preparation for geothermal heating tubing and slab.

Mechanical Room

Lots of conduits leading into the mechanical room

Wet Labs drains

The most important part of any wetlab – floor drains going in. Large drains will facilitate lots of flexibility in use by future researchers.

Front 10.04.28

Front – note outriggers off roof.


Atrium Area (plus 20′ to the right). Stairs come down through here, whale skeleton will eventually hang in this space. Glow on upper roof is from the entrance on other side. Mezzanine observation layer will run between doors at 8′ level on lower floor.

John on top

John Hemsworth, Project Architect takes in the view while getting a call from the roof.


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