Serving at the Deep Bay Harbour Festival

Chef Shore and Students

We had a great Saturday at the 2nd annual Deep Bay Harbour Festival. Chef Shore and students from the Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island (above) served up shellfish with their typical flair and we (CSR) presented lots of information about VIU and the Field Station project. The community support and excitement that is being shown for the Station is really inspiring and we raised over a $1000 for future public education programs at the station.

Deep Bay Harbour Festival Booth

Our booth, the Harbour organizers gave us a great position again and organizational credit on our end goes singlehandledly to Stephanie Richards who pulled off her usual logistical miracles.  We really appreciate the enthusiasm of the festival organizers for making this such a fun community event.

Jessica, oyster Barbecue

Jessica opens a sack of oysters for the barbecue, she also drafted her husband to sell food tickets :). We would like to thank the following companies for providing product: Island Scallops, Stellar Bay Shellfish, Fanny Bay Oysters and Mac’s Oysters.

Touch Tank

As always Stephanie’s touch tank was a huge hit. We look forward to having more aquarium displays of local marine life and touch tanks at the Station.

Shucking Demo

Brian gives a demonstration to organizer John Lyotier on how to shuck an oyster – always surprised at how many people have never done this or eaten a raw oyster. Clearly “Shellfish 101” is going to have to be a common program at the Station.

Carrot/Scallop Rissotto

Jessica serves up scallop and carrot Risotto. Other menu items included: Scallop Ceviche, Barbecued Oysters with sauces and; Raw oysters with sauces such as ginger mignonette or Tequila/Lime jelly cubes.

Scallop Ceviche

Jessica explains the Scallop Ceviche while Philip works the raw bar. These events give students great experience working with the public.

Oyster Barbecue

Culinary student Scott Russell mans the barbecue.


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