Construction Update 10.05.05

Front 10.05.05
Great spring weather as final structural components are finished and more site work begins. New civil contractor (AJ Project Management from Bowser) joins Mechanical (Archie Johnstone Plumbing and Heating) and Electrical (Tyee Electric) crews on site. More photos follow.

Scaffolding off

Scaffolding has come off the back of the building. Note the concrete posts to support the entrance walkway.  White pipe is part of the rainwater collection system.

Backfilling 10.05.05

Sand from the initial excavation is being placed back against the building and will come up to top of the black drainage mat on the foundation.  The two posts on the end of the building will support the deck off the meeting room.
Steel beams

Steel beams link the foundation to the roof beams and outline the final glazing wall.

Prep for slab

Downstairs labs are being prepped for radiant floors (ocean geothermal) and final slab.

Riparian Pond

Outside the building everything is greening up around our riparian restoration ponds.

Pregnant Newt

Our new ponds are being colonized by lots of rough skinned newts like this obviously pregnant one.

Site Overview 10.05.05


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  1. Michelle Otterson Says:

    Looking good!

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