Construction update 10.06.01

Site Overview 10.06.01

Another big milestone as after much preparation, the lower concrete slab was poured today. Lots else going on elsewhere with 40 crew on site today.  A reflection of our infrastructure funding creating construction jobs on Vancouver Island.


Pumper truck set up outside the building.

Spreading concrete

While inside crews spread concrete over the floors which have been prepped with hydronic heating coils.

New Slab

yeah floors!

Finishing concrete

Crews now finishing the floors this evening.


Meanwhile upstairs, framing is getting finished, electrical and mechanical rough-ins continue, and fire sprinkler systems are beginning to be installed. This shot is of the admin area: offices, a small meeting room and a “bullpen” for students and researchers working in the research facilities.

Civil - seawater lines

Outside, civil contractors installing seawater, grey water, potable water and fire lines across the site.

Soon to be roof

And roofing being prepped to go on. A sneak look at the future colour of the roof.


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