Construction Update 10.06.21

10.06.21 Site Overview

Work now going on inside building with sprinkler systems and electrical being installed and framing in advance of glazing. Note in photo above that west end wall appearing, temporary entrance moved back to future main entrance and grading of lowest parking area in place – this will be used for staging of roofing install shortly. Keep reading for more pictures.

new slab in hallway

New slab downstairs looks great.

class lab

In the teaching wetlab downstairs

kitchen view

Upstairs, this the view a chef will see while doing cooking classes and demos looking out into main public area.

media wall

This will be a media wall in the seminar facility on east end of building.


Wiring conduits which will be concealed and sprinkler pipes being installed everywhere


High ceilings downstairs being put to good use to run services.

10.06.21--outside finish

Outside wood finishes being applied under the curved section of the wall. This will fade to a grey.

top of swale

On top of site a rock lined swale is starting to appear. Closer to the building this will become a rainwater capture and reusee system.

Tank delivery

Down below, we took delivery of a large load of fiberglass tanks donated by Marine Harvest Canada from a decommissioned salmon hatchery. These are really going to help out. This also the biggest trailer we have driven and turned around at the bottom of the site too.


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