Links of interest – June 30 thinking of Baynes Sound and oysters

Spot the Station

We get exposed to a lot of news stories and media relevant to our mission every week. When we get a chance I’ll post a few and try and make it a regular thing. This week several videos: two from Washington State and one from our friend Brent the “Oysterman” on Cortes Island. Viewed as a group to provoke thought about how Baynes Sound relates to these three and the linkages between caring for the marine environment and producing local food in a sustainable manner.

An eastcoast oyster expert’s take on Northwest Oysters, Puget Sound based – but you get the point.

A video about Standing for Clean Water in Puget Sound, these same issues affect the community and shellfish in Baynes Sound.

And for fun – The Perfect Oyster -a trailer for a video that premiered this month at the New York City Food Film Festival featuring Cortes’ own Brent Petkau.   Brent, I can’t wait to screen this at the Field Station.


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