Construction Update 10.07.07; details, details

Details 10.07.07

Regular construction management meetings today. All about the details, design, cost management, anticipation of commissioning and lots of small final decisions. Still getting ready for some large phases while mechanical, electrical, exterior finishes and framing to get ready for windows continues.

Lower hallway 10.07.07

Our solid wood slab floor of interior pine beetle kill 2×4’s looks pretty good with a coat of stain. Almost the entire structure of the upper floor is wood, sequestering carbon, using renewable BC materials and looking beautiful.


wood roof and beams 10.07.07


Outside, Mid Island Bobcat is building what will be a constructed wetland, this lined natural marsh will use natural processes to further “polish” waste water from our advanced but “off-the shelf” Bionest wastewater treatment system prior to release back to environment.  More about this in a future post.
And across the site electrical, freshwater and saltwater services being run for current and future development.
Beautiful day, gorgeous building.


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