Construction Update 2010.07.20

Site Overview 10.07.20

This should be the last update before our final roofing material is on and we are entering the homestretch now. Click through to see photos from this week:

Electrical Walkthrough

Rob (Tyee Electric, Nanaimo) points out details to Don during site walk-through. Electrical rough-in is now almost complete.

Roof Well

A recessed well cut into the roof will allow for kitchen ventilation which is separate from the overall building systems.

Roof Test

Nelson Roofing (Courtenay) tests the bending of the final metal roofing material.


Inside – sprinkler lines are almost finished and interior wood surfaces are getting coats of water based low VOC stains.

Al and Victoria

Outside, Al Grozell (civil contractor) and Victoria Drakeford (Landscape Architect) inspect a rock sample for boulder walls at either end of the building which will make the transition of the building into the landscape.

Future Manufactured Wetland

Below the building site, Mid Island Bobcat is installing Fish safe Enviro-Liner for the manufactured wetland that will be used for final polishing of water water leaving our Bionest sewage system.


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