Construction Update 10.08.04

Roofing going on! Click through below for pictures from this week.

Roofing 10.08.04

Lower Hallway 10.08.04

All the plastic is now off the structural beams

Roof Stain

Low VOC (volatile organic compound) water based stains are being applied to the wood.

Foyer Roof

The roof in public areas looking beautiful

Kitchen vent discussion

Mechanical, electrical and controls contractors, architect discuss kitchen venting details.

Glazing going in

Windows starting to go in.


Downstairs, a recycled walk-in cooler, is installed. The beam above will support a mezzanine level electrical and IT room.

Wetland construct 10.08.04

Down below the building, the manufactured wetland which will polish waste water from our Bionest sewage treatment system is almost ready for planting. More details about this in another post.

Construction Manager

Colin East, our construction manager from Heatherbrae Builders views the site.


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