Construction Update 10.09.24 – skookum rain barrel eh?

Inside tank

A shot of the inside of our new “rain barrel”.  A new milestone completed with the final installation by Stanco Projects of a new (giant) water tank at the top of site. 

The rural nature of this project necessitated the storage of a significant amount of water on site that would accomplish the following requirements:

  • Provide a reservoir of water that could be used by the rural volunteer fire department in the even of an emergency (bottom of tank volume)
  • Provide a rain water reservoir for that could be used for grey water use (toilet flushing) in the building that would allow us to reduce potable water use by a predicted 40%. (middle tank volume)
  • Maintain enough water at a sufficient head to drive and meet building sprinkler requirements passively without having to use back-up power, unreliable in event of an emergency.  (Top of tank)

Some creative engineering worked out a simple solution of having a single very tall (11m) water tank at the very top of site with a series on controls, in forest green to blend in as best as possible.  Rain water collected from the site and roof will be collected in the swale on the south side of the building and pumped into the storage tank which really just becomes a really big rain barrel.

The tank will hold 367 cubic metres  (tonnes) of water and it was impressive to see the crew from Stanco put it up.  Pictures of this and other site development follow.

Water tank base

That much water meant a really good concrete base that is integral to the bottom of the tank
Water Tank Assembly 3

Coated steel panels were then bolted together.

Water Tank Assembly 1

The top of the tank is assembled first and the tank is raised from the top down.

Water Tank Assembly 2

A complex jacking system then raised each layer of the tank and the next set of panels bolted below.

Stanco Crew

The traveling assembly crew from Stanco Projects posed for a mid project portrait. This they said, was a “small” tank for them. Great job guys, thanks!.

Finished Water tank

The finished tank. A landscaping challenge for Victoria the landscape architect next.


2 Responses to “Construction Update 10.09.24 – skookum rain barrel eh?”

  1. Rachel Webb Says:

    Wow! That’s one way to do it. Folks, you know that they make these in an at-home size right?
    Take a look at this one:

  2. sje Says:

    Rachel – that 80 gallon is pretty cool – I like the Fill and Divert feature BUT I wanted something bigger and I want to put it away in the winter time – We have decided on this 500 gallon one

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