Construction Update 10.10.01 – Steel

Stair Assembly

By next week we’ll be able to walk down the stairs to get the to the lower floor. Crew from Interkraft Contracting Ltd. have been busy installing structural steel components throughout the building including our new mezzanine staircase (below).

New Inside Stairs - from bottom

The glass curtain wall will go on the outside of the vertical steel beams and eventually our grey whale skeleton will hang above the stairs in this space – so will look pretty great.

New Inside Stairs - from top

Another view from up top, the frames for the outer deck can be seen as well. The viewing mezzanine supports can also be seen off to the left at the 8′ height level. (next photo).

Viewing Mezzanine Support Frame

Supports for the viewing mezzanine in this photo. The public space will extend to this level so that visitors will be able to freely walk to this level and look down and see the research that is going on in the labs below through the large windows.

Nanawall Beam

A large beam running across the public areas will support a folding wall which will be able to divide the room for different uses.

Millwork supports

Millwork supports being assembled to cover up conduit and fire suppression pipes in the lower section of the curved haunches.

West end 10.10.01

Framing at the west end is now finished and the sun is out so Nelson Roofing is back putting the last few of the curved roof panels back on.

Nelson Roofing Crew Portrait

The crew from Nelson Roofing (Courtenay) pose as they put the last of the curved roof panels down on the roof – very proud of their job and with good reason.


Meagan Gwilt – VIU Resource Management Officer Technology Practicum Student (and Bowser native) planting transplanted rushes into new manufactured wetland as part of a two week practicum spent on site. This wetland will “polish” water from our Bionest Sewage Treatment plant before release – more about our sewage system in a future post.


One Response to “Construction Update 10.10.01 – Steel”

  1. NanaWall Says:

    Were NanaWall systems used for this project? If so, we would love to see photos of the completed project! Feel free to share on our Facebook fan page,!

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