Construction Update 2010.11.04

Site Panorama 101104

Panorama of the site on Friday.  Crew is really busy inside so this update will focus on what’s happening outside.  Note the second of the oyster shell parking lots put together.

Spreading Osyter Shell

Spreading oyster shell for the middle parking lot.  These oyster shells were donated by Fanny Bay Oysters located just up the road.  Although oyster shell parking lots were common in the Eastern Seaboard of the US they are not common here.

Oyster shell - 2nd parking lot

After crushing with the roller.  The oyster shells make a bright white parking lot that is permeable to water and will slow potential run-off of pollutants from vehicles.

Crushed oyster shell parking lot

Finished parking lot after crushing the shells..

Landscaping 10.10.28

Planting a berm between parking lots with native salal, ferns and Oregon grape.

Pump vaults 10.10.28

On the foreshore crew is installing the seawater intake infrastructure. Four vertical turbine pumps will be installed in the right hand concrete vault being admired by crew.  Seawater leaving the site will be collected in the left hand vault (discharge sump).

Offloading filtered water sumps

Water from the intake pumps will be sent to the pump house which is really a “filter house” Water will flow through (20um) drum filters built by Nanaimo PR Aqua.  Filtered watered will be collected the two concrete vaults being offloaded in this photo.  Secondary pumps will take the filtered water and send it to areas of the site as required.


Admiring the tanks installed while under slab conduits and pipe are installed,


Inside the building, glazing is being installed. Fitting supports for east wall windows here.


Some beautiful views emerging within the building, looking up from the bottom floor in the atrium.


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