Construction Update 2010.12.23 Seawater

The big start

And just like that, after more than four years of planning, design, redesign, work, pain and stress, a button was gently pushed with zero fanfare and we had seawater onto site –  complete anticlimax.

Our seawater system is designed like the building to be a combination of straightforward and simple, coupled with advanced technology. Sophisticated pump starters control the pump systems which which give us lots of control, feedback and energy efficiency on the pumps.

We have four intakes,two above the summer thermocline and two below the thermocline. Vertical turbine pumps built by ITT Gould, drawing from low on the tide level “push” water up into 20 micron screen drum filters built locally by PRA Aquaculture in Nanaimo.

Drum Filters

From the drum filters clean water falls directly into 1500 gallon vaults below from which Fybroc Pumps operating at higher pressures send water to the building and in future other areas on site as required.

secondary pump install

Crew from Archie Johnstone Plumbing and Heating installing one of the secondary pumps.

Checking the backwash nozzles

Getting a nice seawater misting while making sure that all the backwash nozzles on the drum filters were working properly.

Archie Johnstone Plumbing and Heating

The drum filters, pump controllers and secondary pumps have been housed in a commercial greenhouse on the lower section of site.

Front View East 10.12.22

Up top, blue cementitous panels are going onto the upper floor exterior.

Millwork - Media Wall

Millwork, such as this projection/media cabinet in the conference room are being installed.

Ofice Area 10.12.22

Drywall and paint is now complete throughout the building.

Outer deck

Decking is going on outside.

floor polishing

Concrete floors are being polished.

new ramp 2

Our new entrance ramp – built by Express Custom Trailer in Parksville is installed.

Mechanical Commissioning

In the mechanical room all the systems are being flushed, tested and programmed. Here, Daniel (Stantec) and Tom (ESC Automation) check pump noise in one of the geo-exchange pumps at first start up.

more organized chaos

At times its looking like organized chaos – but we’re on track to be ready for our first event in just over a month!


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