Construction Update 11.01.06 – Happy New Year!

Site panorama 2011

Its going to be an exciting year. Everyone can see the end in sight now. Sometimes hard to believe we’re going to be functional  in a couple of weeks, but Greg Herle, our unflappable Site Super (Heatherbrae), his crew and all the local trades are working to the plan and it’s all coming together.  All systems are almost completed or in last stages with crews as high as 60 on site.

Looking into one of the labs

Looking down into one of the wet labs from the viewing mezzanine. Yesterday being used for our construction management meeting but soon to get seawater tanks next month.

Lab Viewing mezanine

A view along the public mezzanine level that will allow members of the public to view the science being done without actually getting in the way of the researchers.

Final polishing of Foyer concrete

Concrete floors are all getting polished and it is turning out beautifully.

Wiring lights

electrical crew doing the final wiring to the light fixtures. High efficiency, on dimming and day-lighting controls.

Washroms gettng finished

Nice tile work in the washrooms now getting all the appliances.

Bionest Crew

Outside today, the crew from Bionest was commissioning and testing our state of the art environmentally responsible sewage treatment system.  In a future post I am going to write all about this system.

Wall treatment downstairs

Doing some final concrete finishing on the downstairs walls.

Stair footing prep

A young crew installs footing for the stairs between parking lost which are arriving in a couple of days.


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