Construction Update 2011.01.21 – All Clean

Upper Floor Public looking SE 2011.01.21

Milestones, being met left and right last week. Most significantly we went “all clean” and started various flush outs as part of our commissioning process. This meant a large crew in over the last weekend to wipe down every surface in the building, followed by more cleaning each day. This was so that we could start up the HVAC and Heat pump systems. It also gave us out first good looks at the polished concrete floors and the whole scape of the public areas on the upper floors which up to now have been a rotating mountain of building materials.

Upper Floor Public looking SW 2011.01.21

From the Northeast corner of the upper floor looking back to wards the main entrance and kitchen with the Nanawall retracted. This area will be used for larger events. Note the lighting.

Main Foyer 2011.01.20

The same space from the other end with the Nanawall which will divide the space partially closed.

Main Foyer 2011.01.20b

Looking out the foyer towards the water on a foggy day.

Looking Down Atrium 2011.01.22

Looking down in the atrium towards the mezzanine and lower floor.

Back Kitchen 2011.01.21

The kitchen install is almost finished and small wares being unpacked.


ESC Building Automation is busy installing and programming all the smart parts of the building.

Happy Glazing Crew

A couple happy installers on the Clearlite Glass crew as they finish one of the last exterior panes.

Vance and Garth - Archie Johnstone Plumbing and Heating

Vance and Garth from Archie Johnstone Plumbing and Heating smile as we are now making both heat from our ocean geo-exchange systems and air circulation with the heat recovery ventilation unit.


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