Results of 2010 Horticulture Design Competition

The results are in! …  Last fall,  VIU Horticulture Instructor,  Laura-Jean Kelly brought her HORT 131T Landscape Design Techniques class out for the start of their annual juried design project.  See original post here.

In this course, students divided into groups and  worked within our Landscape Architect, Victoria Drakeford’s site plan to design an entrance/reception area including a  “native plant Potager”.    A Potager is a classic ornamental kitchen garden, that dates back to the monasteries of medieval France.  This group of VIU Horticulture students worked to give this a very west coast sustainability twist with a nod to traditional First Nations use by rethinking the Potager with local species that can be used for true locavore culinary uses.  This project was inspired by Chef Craig Rogers (and colleagues) expertise in the culinary use of local native plants,  the desire to demonstrate the use of native plants for sustainable landscaping,  and create learning opportunities on site.

In December, the class submitted their designs to a jury .  We were extremely impressed by the thought, imagination and the effort that the class put into their designs.  The landscape steering committee of the CSR – Brian Kingzett,  Craig Rogers, Debbie Shore, Victoria Drakeford & Laura-Jean Kelly  met January to review the plans & results and were so impressed with the ideas of all student designs that they wanted to incorporate many of them into the final design. It was decided to create a composite of the student ideas that Laura-Jean Kelly & Victoria Drakeford will draw up for review.

Click through to see the original designs!

First Place: Debra, Lynn and Michelle’s s submission.


View Large:

Second Place: Meylin, Chikaka and Aleisha’s stylized submission, the plan view does not do justice to the herb spiral.


View Large:

Third Place  (Tied): Kim Tom Tasja


View Large:

Third Place  (Tied): Lynn B Sam, Caitlin F


View large:

Runners Up: Rob, Star and Caitlin’s submission, note the wonderful illustrations of species.


View Large:

Runners Up: Stephen, Peter and Davis’s submission.


View Large

Runners Up:Caroline, Braydon’s and Bryony’s plan.


See large


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