Visitors – Nanoose Probus/ Nanoose Naturalists

The Nanoose PROBUS and Nanoose Naturalists clubs came up for a tour and a lunch this week. During lunch catered by VIU alumnus Kathy Jerrit, we talked about shellfish and human health, global seafood issues, shellfish and marine ecology and what we hope to do here at the station.

The Nanoose Naturalists are still a buzz from our Monday tour. Your time and energy to coordinate the tour is much appreciated. Many of the comments were about revisiting the centre to see the vision unfold.  Thank you so much for a delightful visit. – Carolyn Dodd, Nanoose Naturalists 11.03.18

Interested in bringing a group out for a tour or meeting? Please contact us!

Kathy Jerrit

Kathy Jerrit and husband/assistant Guy prep lunch in the kitchen.


Group listening to tour from Brian Kingzett

Luncheon Seminar

Lunchtime Seminar


One Response to “Visitors – Nanoose Probus/ Nanoose Naturalists”

  1. David Stanley (@gonanaimo) Says:

    The Deep Bay Marine Field Station at Deep Bay, British Columbia, is a cutting edge shellfish farming research centre which welcomes visitors.

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