Happy World Oceans Day – from our new touch tanks

Rianna and Sarah admire their new touch tank

Happy World Oceans Day – but we should be thinking about our oceans everyday.  We’re celebrating ours with our new touch tanks that Fisheries and Aquaculture students Riannna Martindale (L) and Sarah Leduc (R) have been building whenever they have a free minute using recycled salmon hatchery tanks donated by Marine Harvest Canada. We note that there is very little marine science and sustainability public education happening on the east coast of Vancouver Island north of the Malahat.  We hope to change that as we build out, by showcasing and increasing knowledge of the amazing diversity of local marine species.  These touch tanks built on the cheap by enthusiastic students are already a hit.

ICET members and touch tank

Inevitably Visitors to the station find themselves standing around the tanks – in this photo members of the Island Coastal Economic Trust board and staff admire after a business meeting. That’s Mayor Barry Janyk (Gibsons) and Mayor Greg Phelps (red shirt) of Courtenay with their hands in the water.

Future Spatial Use - Foyer

We are seeking additional support to build out larger tanks and displays in the future. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our fundraising for this project.

In the interim, some snap shots of a few of our newest residents:

Green Burrowing Anemone and blood star
Green Burrowing Anemones and blood star

Shore crab hiding beneath a rock scallop

Purple shore crab hiding under a rock scallop

Helmut Crab

Helmut Crab


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