VIU Seafood Related Fellowship Opportunity – Deadline Feb 29


Photo by Bill Pennell

Do you work in the BC seafood sector, or have some other connection to BC’s diverse seafood community? Do you catch, farm, process, ship, cook, sell, promote, protect, research or eat seafood, and have an idea, issue or project you would explore if you had some funding and research support?

The VIU Institute for Coastal Research is launching our first ever Fellows Program and the first fellowship opportunity is within our new Aquatic Foods Initiative (AFI). The AFI is a new ICR program whose mandate is to: “develop strategies that increase the economic, cultural, social and ecological values of BC’s aquatic food resources. Approaches to be taken by the Aquatic Foods Initiative will feature: 1) applied and interdisciplinary research; 2) engagement with First Nations and coastal communities, stakeholder groups, industry, government, researchers and others; and 3) a strong emphasis on the relationship between aquatic food resources and the well‐being and resilience of coastal social‐ecological systems

This fellowship is open to any applicant with expertise and/or interest in BC coastal resource management issues. Each fellowship opportunity is for up to one year in length. Up to $2500 is available per fellowship. (Successful candidates who are external to VIU will receive Visiting Scholar designation, which includes library access and other privileges). As an interdisciplinary program we encourage submissions from collaborators from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities disciplines. (In the humanities, this could include, for example: creative writing or the visual arts).

As project team members, the ICR Fellows will be expected to:

  • Undertake directed research or other activity within the mandate of specific programs as described
  • Communicate and, where appropriate, collaborate with ICR team members
  • Participate in and support ICR events where possible
  • Produce a final report on your involvement as an ICR Fellow
  • Include ICR acknowledgement in all products related to ICR projects
  • Deliver one public presentation about the Fellow’s research or activity during a VIU campus ‘lunch and learn’ event

Please send CV, cover letter, names and contact information for 3 references and a maximum 2-page concept paper to: Michele Patterson, AFI Program Lead:, by March 1, 2012.

The concept letter should address the expectations outlined above and contain:

  • Description of your interest and involvement in BC’s Aquatic Foods sector
  • Proposed project objectives, approach and methodology
  • Clear explanation of activity, deliverables and timelines for the project
  • Funding amount requested and budget justification
  • Explanation of how the proposed contributions will contribute to the development of the AFI program

For more information on the AFI program, please see: or contact Michele Patterson at 250-740-6296 or by email at:

Starry flounder


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