Not Cool

Bertha G sunk on our lease

Last week I took off to help volunteer on an Olympia oyster survey with DFO in Nootka Sound. This surprise awaited on return.  Thursday morning the derelict? ex-fishing vessel Bertha G sank in Deep Bay Harbour. Submerged but floating, the owners decided to tow it onto our shellfish aquaculture research lease and beach it.

We finally spoke with the owneer who assures us that he will have it off soon.  Fortunately reports are that there was not much fuel that spilled and Coast Guard doesn’t have any more responsibility for the vessel as they don’t report more oils leaking. We’ve been seeing small slicks from the vessel everyday however.

Gord Kurbis from CTV Vancouver Island has done two reports (below).  Ironically this vessel is within a couple hundred feet of a sunk and abandoned sailboat we have been trying to have removed for a couple years with no luck and near the location of a third vessel which we broke up removed at our own expense in 2006.

Pretty frustrating….

Update: in Story in Ocean Side Star


One Response to “Not Cool”

  1. muskie Says:

    Deep Bay harbour is a lot busier than when I was a kid. Lots of boats are moored here with the owners living elsewhere. The sudden gusts of wind just now seem to have ripped a sail off one boat I can see it flapping. Lots of houses are empty in the winter two as their owners go South or work in the big city (Vancouver or increasingly Calgary). At least we didn’t lose power just now.

    The beach along the spit has also changed a lot since I was a kid, the sandbars are in different places for instance.

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