New Graduate Student Opportunities at the CSR: Ecological Interactions Program

3. EIRP Conducting Beach Studies 12.5.17

Dr. Sarah Dudas (right above), new VIU Canada Research Chair is recruiting 1-2 graduate students (MSc or PhD) to join the Ecological Interactions Research Program at the Centre for Shellfish Research and Deep Bay Marine Field station, Vancouver Island University.

From Sarah:   My interests include ecosystem interactions, shellfish population dynamics, invertebrate larval dispersal, biological oceanography, climate change, non-indigenous species, conservation and sustainability. Over the next few years my lab will be conducting several research projects to investigate how shellfish aquaculture activities influence the ecosystem in which they occur. These activities provide ‘experiments of opportunity’, altering the ecosystem (e.g. the addition of filter feeders) in ways that allow us to answer interesting ecological questions, while at the same time addressing industry issues to work towards sustainable development.

Specifically, I am looking for students to investigate 1) the influence of deep water shellfish aquaculture activities on oceanography, phytoplankton, zooplankton and potentially fish communities and 2) the influence of aquaculture structures (e.g. fencing and netting in the intertidal, rafts in deep water) on the distribution of higher trophic levels (e.g. crabs, sea stars, fish).  Further information about my research program is available here.

I am looking for students that are enthusiastic, self-motivated and comfortable working on, in and around the water. Prospective students should be competitive for NSERC scholarships and students that end up joining the lab will be expected to pursue other scholarship opportunities throughout their degree.  Students should be able to work independently under my guidance and supervision but to effectively act as their own ‘project leader’.  Students will also be expected to present their findings at scientific conferences and publish them in peer-reviewed journals.
If you’re interesting in joining the lab please send an email with an attached cover letter outlining your research interests and why you’re interested in this opportunity, along with a CV and transcript copies to




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