Film presentation: “Hitchhiking across the Atlantic” Nov 14 @ 7 pm

Hitchhiking across the Atlantic

In early May 2010, Thorsten Boehnke found himself sailing towards western Africa as crew on the boat of a friend, the catamaran “Indiana.” Starting in Kiel, Germany, the “Indiana” took the two adventurers along the European coast and offshore, following the routes of the old tall ships.

During their journey, the friends visited nature reserves and conservation projects. While they saw examples of the impact of our lifestyle on the planet, they also found people dedicated to protecting those endangered places and species.

When the voyage of the “Indiana” ended on the Canary Islands, Thorsten continued as a “hitchhiker,” sailing via Cape Verde to the Caribbean. Laura Winter, a marine ecologist from BC, joined him for a stretch of this journey.

The film “Hitchhiking across the Atlantic” tells the story of the animals and people Thorsten and Laura met on their journey. They craft a delightful narrative that shows how beautiful and yet simultaneously fragile nature is. Thorsten and Laura’s compassion and deep affection for all life shine through the film.

“Hitchhiking across the Atlantic” was shown at the Independent Days Film Festival in Germany in May 2012. Likewise in Germany, the short version of the film won first prize in the Montevideo Film Festival.

Laura will be present at the screening to answer questions and engage in discussion after the film.

Tickets $8 in advance, $10 at door. Available at:

•Deep Bay Marine Field Station
•Salish Sea Market, 6996 Island Hwy, Bowser
•Courtyard Cafe, 673 Memorial Ave, Qualicum Beach
•Weinberg’s Good Food, 6856 Island Hwy, Buckley Bay Ferry Terminal
•Royston Roasting Coffee House, 3904 Island Hwy, Royston


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