Students make the Station

I-phone and Paella

We don’t have any regular teaching programs at the Field Station (yet), but we involve and engage students whenever possible.  Students are what give the Station its best energy. Tuesdays are always a good student day and this afternoon I grabbed my camera and took a wander around.

Jason Lloyd Culinary Field Trip

Up in the culinary teaching facility Chef Jason Lloyd was up with a group of Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island Red Seal students doing a seafood tour to the source, lecture and a lab that included making Paella (here shown describing the difference between aborio and spanish rice)

First Year F&A Practicum

Down in one of the wet labs, two first year Fisheries and Aquaculture students were helping to grade juvenile geoducks in anticipation of a series of experiments (hey that’s my apron!).

Duck blind getting built

Down on the shore, three Resource Management Officer Training Program (RMOT) Students up as volunteers were designing and building a duck blind on the shore to increase bird watching opportunities for the public.


Oh and did I mention there was Paella? The culinary class was gracious to share with all the rest!


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