First Conservation Film Night overwhelming success

Film Night Crowd

So we were thinking that maybe we would get 40-50 people for our showing of local Bowser Film maker Laura Winter’s (and partner) documentary Hitchhiking across the Atlantic we got 136..So we were very pleased and it seems that all of you who came were as well.  The film was great.   This was a big experiment for us as this is yet another new event for us and we appreciated all the feedback we recived.  The biggest complaint – screen not high or big enough.   And we agree for this many people!  No worries we’re thinking about a solution.

Our other big observation, how social an evening it was with local residents catching up, touring the Field Station, taking in some of Sarah’s treats  and generally enjoying themselves.    We want to make these kinds of community nights a regular thing so we’ll be taking this account in our planning.  If you have any ideas feedback, want to help or more critical to our ability to host these,  sponsor an event, please let us know!

Here is some of the questions and comments we got back on feedback forms:

Did you like the food selection tonight? Do you have suggestions for the catering for future events?

Yes, very yummy,  well done! , I liked the lemonade and sweets; excellent; good selection;It smelled good. We arrived in time for the film to start; Sorry, didn’t know food was available. I’m going to check it out now!; Lemon tarts were delicious; Include coffee/tea in price, not different paying methods with cash or tickets; Yes, great; Delicious!; Yes, it was a surprise. You should advertise it.; Great food choices ; Food is good! Should be advertised so audience knows there will be food available

Other comments

Excellent first shot at presenting a film;  Excellent first film; Very interesting; Thanks!; This was wonderful. Keep up the good work! ;Most informative, most enjoyable! Thanks.; Enjoyed the film very much and it’s nice to know that there are people out there that not only care about our wild life but are trying to do their part; can you also project on the TV screen in the middle of the room? The screen is rather difficult to see well from the back half of the room (got this a lot!)

What kind of films would you like to see at future movie nights at the Deep Bay marine station?

anything in or under the water!; nature films; sailing trips; sea life; Same kind. The ocean is wonderful; local culture; oyster farming; any and all nature films; reef life, especially Vancouver Island; conservation and biology-based; education and more documentaries! Any or all of sailing, whales, sharks, rainforest, local culture – all manner of wildlife & adventure films; More about the Comox Valley and Baynes Sound or community culture;  Banff Mtn Film Festival; Colin Angus;


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