Public Holiday Hours – come visit!

Grunt Sculpin

Looking for an inexpensive trip for the kids or grandkids over the holidays?  Come take a self guided tour at the Field Station!  Our resident Grunt Sculpin is feeling rather festive…

Our research labs are pretty slow as staff take holidays and as we clean up and regroup projects for the new year.   We’re going to stay open for the most of the holidays however, with a couple of VIU students holding down the fort. That means we will be open to play in the touch tanks, check out the big aquaria and take a self guided tour.

Hours are posted on our calender But basically we will be open from 10-3 everyday from December 26- Jan 2. If weather gets inclement we may have to adjust and we apologize in advance.  Driving Directions here (yes we are still working on getting highway signs…soon we hope)

Below are a few of our resident local marine critters and things to see.

Adult Puget Sound King Crab
Our prized Puget Sound King Crab lopholithodes mandtii– in the afternoon you may see her eating her favorite food – green sea urchins

Juvenile Puget Sound King Crab
Look close and you might find our recently acquired juvenile bright orange Puget Sound King Crab

Hermit Crab (and more)
Hermit crabs, prawns and gorgeous sea anemones
Leather Star
Touch a leather star in our touch tanks and see if they really do smell like garlic!

Display Aquaria 120714-4

Our big display aquaria have changed a lot since this picture was taken – note to self, time to update.

For example lots of big anemones in the rock tank
1 Beachcombers School and Bruce Williams Visit touch tanks

and we invite you to get up close an personal with some local sea creatures in our touch tanks.

RMOT Class

and check out the labs from the viewing mezzanine.

SNow day overiew 12.12.17
and a beautiful view of Baynes Sound on a winter day.  And if we don’t happen to see you – happy holidays from all of us!


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