Society of Crows – A glimpse into Corvid Culture, Lecture March 16th!


We are very excited about our next Conservation Film/Lecture Night. Co-sponsored by the Nature Trust of British Columbia as part of the Brant Wildlife Festival, we are very pleased to host Scientist and Conservationist Dr. Rob Butler discussing Crow Societies.

Dr. Butler’s talk: “Society of Crows” delves into the clever minds of crows, a decade of research of the northwestern crow, and the city habits of large flocks that now reside in Vancouver. The talk explores the brains of birds and their problem solving ways, and moves to a coastal island in British Columbia where Rob and colleagues and explored how crows master choice of food, defend nests, and raise their young. Society of Crows tackles topics such as evolution of crow and human interactions, how parents receive help raising young, thievery, and a loose confederacy between neighbours that unites the group when a nest is threatened.

For more info email or call 250 740-6611

Advance tickets $10

available at:

Deep Bay Marine Field Station
Salish Sea Market, Bowser
Royston Coffee House, Royston
Weinberg’s Grocery, Buckley Bay
Courtyard Cafe, Qualicum Beach
UB Diving, Courtenay

And get tickets soon! Until we get a bigger screen  we’re going to limit to 100 tickets so that everyone gets a good view.

Or come early for Dinner and tour the Field Station!

Dinner will be available from 530 to 7:00.

You”ll have your choice of Chili with a bun or Chili Dogs for $8.

If you prefer something lighter, we’ll have healthy snacks, fresh baked pastries and or course Popcorn for $3 each.

More about Rob from his website at

rob2Dr. Rob Butler is an award-winning ornithologist known for his research of birds, radio and television appearances, and for his popular writing. Dr. Butler is co-founder of the Pacific WildLife Foundation, Fellow of The Explorers Club and the American Ornithologists Union, and an Outstanding Alumnus of two universities. He is an adjunct professor of biology and has held executive positions in several science and conservation non-profits. His advice is regularly sought in Canada and abroad.

Dr. Butler spent three years studying the social organization of crows on a remote island in British Columbia toward a Master of Science degree at Simon Fraser University and studied great blue herons through three annual cycles for a doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia. He holds an adjunct professorship at Simon Fraser University in Canada and was a Canadian government biologist and scientist for 28 years. He now provides scientific advice to businesses, government and non-government organizations in Canada, the USA and abroad.

Dr. Butler published his first popular article as a teenager and first scientific paper when he was 23 years old. He has a long career of writing for scientific papers, popular books, newspapers, newsletters, magazines and a blog for the Vancouver Sun. He has authored two popular books (The Great Blue Heron and The Jade Coast). His research was featured in Smithsonian, National Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, Beautiful BC magazines and Research Media. Dr. Butler has been interviewed many times for newspaper, radio and television including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation national radio shows The Current, and Quirks and Quarks, The Weather Network, Discovery Channel, TVO, Studio4 Shaw Cable Network, and Knowledge Network, to name a few. He was also a weekly guest on CBC Radio in Vancouver.

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