Easy Assembly of our Next Gen Shellfish Rafts

We just finished building some more of or Next-Gen Shellfish Rafts and Max put the Go-Pro Camera on the roof of the RV Chetlo to document the construction.  Check out how they go together almost like Ikea (LOL).  Check below for a second video and more photos.

Max and crew assembled the rafts at low tide beside the Chetlo and then floated them off as the high tide came up and then we shackled them into our grid on the research farm. They will now be used to support a geoduck nursery research project with an industry partner. We have made a few minor changes form our last prototypes and have decided that we like the “B” version from our research prototypes better. If you would like copies of the plans or to view the rafts on the water please contact us directly.


Six plastic coated floats each 96″x36″x24″ per raft from Barr Plastics  make for a full truckload!


27′ steel components for four rafts  fabricated by Interkraft in Nanaimo weighing down the bow of the Chetlo ready for delivery to the site.


Chetlo with completed raft waiting for the tide to return


Summer student Jacob Zimmerman helps with tying new raft into the grid system

Rafts on grid

New raft in grid system getting loaded.


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