Another summer of fantastic VIU students

Geoduck Planting 13.08.19
Summer is rapidly coming to a close and with it the rising of anxiety of the full time staff of how we are going to cope without this years crop of great VIU summer students.  In our summer update we showcased some of them and I’ve reprinted it here (mostly in their own words).  


Candice McKenzie: In September I’ll be going into my second, and final year of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Diploma Program at VIU.  I honestly haven’t decided an area of focus yet, there is such a broad spectrum of areas we can focus in it’s hard to choose.  I do really enjoy behavioral studies and fish biology though.  It definitely is an amazing opportunity working for the Deep Bay Marine Field Station this summer.  It’s a blend of many different areas of study, so there’s never a dull moment.  You’re always learning something new!

Geoduck Planting 13.08.19

Shaun MacNeill (far left above):  I am 24 years old and in my fourth year in the Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection program at VIU. I was given the opportunity to do my practicum at Deep Bay because of my background in oyster aquaculture.  This has since turned into nearly two years of employment, while I work toward my long term goal of a career in the environmental monitoring sector.  I really enjoy the large variation in work that takes place at the station day-to-day; from running our VIU-built 40’ boat, to building aquaculture systems…every day at the Deep Bay Marine Field Station is different and interesting.

Summer Student Alison MacPhail at helm of Chetlo

Alison MacPhail My name is Alison MacPhail and I am a Fisheries and Aquaculture student. I recently completed my diploma in the program and have chosen to continue on and get my BSc in Aquaculture degree.  Working at Deep Bay as a summer student has provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain many skills in shellfish and algae culture. Each day I not only get the chance to learn something new, but to also teach others about the animals I love.


Erynne Jackson, from the Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island was too busy rocking food service to get a quote (LOL) has joined our team to complete her work-op training  and gain valuable industry experience.  C.I.V.I. provides students with excellent technical training, with a state of the art lab and working kitchen that prepares food for VIU’s dining room.   We are happy to partner with the culinary program by providing the opportunity for to complete their summer work- ops, to gain field experience and educate guests about sustainable food sources and aquaculture through the food they serve.   All of the seafood we serve here is local, sustainable and supports nearby aquaculture companies.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Student Jacob Zimich has been dividing his time between Deep Bay and Campus as he works on the Olympia Oyster project with the Environmental Interactions Team (also including Ian Warbrick and Adam Harding) this lab maintains a great Facebook page.  Jacob is fish crazy and we’ve forgiven him for that after a great summer. 🙂

Also see this previous post about how Students make the Station.    If you are a VIU student and are interested in practicums, volunteering, directed studies, or thesis work at the station be sure to get in touch!


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