Whale Project Update – $10,000 milestone made!

We made our first $10,000 milestone on fund raising for our Grey Whale Project today with the generous sponsorship of a mandible (jaw) bone.  Read on for an update on the media and the project.  Other notable Sponsorships have included Grieg Seafoods who bought both Scapulae (shoulders).

You can learn more about our whale project on our main info page here.  Or better yet, go and sponsor a bone online yourself here. So far we have had great support and “sold” 28 of the 145 bones needed to bring this great project to completion.

Here is a round up of some of the media to date:
Chek News – Saturday March 29th with some 2010 footage!

Nanaimo Daily News March 28,  Whale to be recovered for $75K exhibit

“Save the bones from Davy Jones” the Sooke News Mirror reports on our Raise a Grey Whale

 Whale to be recovered for $75K exhibit – Nanaimo Daily News

Bones of behemoth make their way to Deep Bay – Parksville Qualicum News



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