Music by the Bay Concert Series

Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra

Summer 2014
Doors open at 5:30
Dinner 6:00 pm
Cost: $60

Tickets available at:
Deep Bay Marine Field Station, Bowser BC
The Salish Sea Market, Bowser BC
Milner Gardens, Qualicum Beach BC
or by phone at 250-740-6611

Local musicians will perform a delightful mix of music while guests enjoy breathtaking views of Baynes Sound and feast on a sumptuous buffet dinner, prepared by resident Red Seal chef Lila Ruzicka.  See below for more information about each concert.

Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra August 15 2014


A Cornucopia of Musical Temptations

Over the years, we in the Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra have played a lot of delicious music, so when we’re asked to play a concert of this sort — something lighter, sweeter, perhaps less ‘challenging’ to the ear (although not necessarily for our fingers!) –, we look at what new goodies have turned up in our library, as well as reviewing some old favourites.  You’re likely to hear everything from the stirring Theme from Downton Abbey to a jazzy Joplin waltz; then, maybe one of Vivaldi’s timeless depictions of changing seasons, or the wild gypsy passion of Bizet’s Habañera or a Brahms Hungarian dance, from the indescribable beauty of a single movement by Mozart or Bach followed, perhaps, by themes from Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter movie scores, and so on…!

So, whatever your taste, we’ll likely play something you already know and love, PLUS you have a very good chance of walking out of our concerts actually whistling something you may never have heard before, just as they did in the days when live performances were the ONLY performances!


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