Summer Camp Recap

Its hard to believe that the summer almost over but its been a fantastic one filled with messy fun, experiments, adventures and so many wonderful campers. Check out the pictures below for a few of the highlights from our summer camps so far!

Kids Programs 241

Campers learned how to make fish printed t-shirts. Gyotaku, the art of fish printing, apparently started as a way for fishermen in Japan to record their catches but it is also a fun way to learn about fish and create beautiful art.

Kids Programs 247

Field trip to Crome Island Lighthouse. We saw petroglyphs, watched baby seals, picked plums and taste tested desalinated sea water. Thanks to Leslie and Roger for the tour!

Kids Programs 232

Squid dissection time!

Kids Programs 236

We don’t let our dissected squid go to waste. VIU culinary student Melissa gave our campers a lesson on cooking calamari!

Kids Programs 237

Testing the final product. It was delicious!

Kids Programs 179

The pond is full amazing animals. We took some nets and magnifying glasses on our pond walk to see what we could catch.

Kids Programs 173

Dragon fly nymphs and other neat macro-invertebrates collected during our pond dip.

Kids Programs 149

Crab races on the beach. Turns out that the biggest crabs aren’t always the fastest.

Kids Programs 189

Have you ever noticed that the ocean doesn’t freeze over even when our lakes do? Salt water freezes at much lower temperatures than fresh water. This property of salt water also allows us to make ice cream at camp! Campers learned how to make super cold ice water to cool our ice cream by adding salt to the ice. Our salty ice water was -10°C while our fresh ice water was 0°C

Ice Cream

There was some pretty intense ice cream shaking going on.

Night Aquarium

Overnight campers checking out all the activity in our aquariums at night. Many of our fish our more active at night! For more information on overnight programs for community and school groups call Claire at 250-740-6609.


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