Foraging for Wild Edibles June 13th & 17th


The Earth and Moon align to give some of the year’s lowest tides, uncovering a variety of edible treasures. Brian Kingzett, Manager of the Vancouver Island University Deep Bay Marine Field Station, will lead small groups on a foraging excursion, sampling salty-sweet ocean delicacies, Pacific Oysters and Manila Clams direct from their shells on the shellfish research farm of the University. The ritual of sharing, dating back to Vancouver Island’s earliest ancestors, as clearly denoted in prehistoric shellfish middens, is all part of the fun. Foragers will learn about First Nations’ use of shellfish, Vancouver Island’s marine ecology, species identification and which island wines complement the organic ocean treats. Brian will discuss where and how to forage for shellfish locally and how to make sure that your shellfish is safe to eat. Afterwards, participants will retire to the Field Station for a short cooking lesson/ demonstration and a shellfish themed meal showcasing the products of local shellfish farms and paired with Vancouver Island wines all prepared by the Field Station’s Chef’s in residence. So, forget cutlery! Learn how an oyster can be enjoyed au natural!

Time: June 13th 9:00am – 2:00pm

June 17th 11:00am – 4:00pm

Cost: $125 per person (Advance tickets only) 

 Call 250 740 6611 to purchase tickets


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