VIU Deep Bay by the Numbers, an 18 Month Report

Moments after the dramatic unveiling.

It has always been our intention to produce an annual report at the end of every fiscal year. Mostly by the time the end of the year comes down we have been too busy moving forward to reflect on the year past and this goal has slipped by. The Field Station (DBMFS) is an experiment in itself, a reflection of the goal of VIU of to be the University of Coastal Communities, combining research, education, community engagement, extension, and sustainability in an off-campus facility with a goal of being financially self-sufficient.   The following report illustrates a variety of numbers relating to the last 18 months from April 1st, 2014 through to September 30, 2015 and is an excerpt from a larger report that was prepared for internal university use.  We still have a long way to go to achieve our goals and producing such a report is also a means for our small team to track and benchmark our own progress and celebrate our increasing accomplishments.

As a group we have continued to make large strides in this during the summer of 2015 year, so rather than present just an outdated 14/15 fiscal year, we have chosen to make this first report 1.5 years. We have much to be proud of at Deep Bay and this can be reflected in many ways. I hope that you will agree. Should you have any questions regarding the statements in this document please do not hesitate to Brian Kingzett, Station Manager –

Research Related Activities

$936,713 Research Related Revenues and Value of Projects Awarded

Sources of Research Revenue 14-15

9 Projects w/ Station Manager as Project Lead

2 Research Chairs from Centre for Shellfish Research

28,161 LBS Clams sold from farm
New Algae Room HDR

Next Generation Shellfish Hatchery Project establishes future research platform

Research Greenhouse = 123m2 new lab space

Most distant client: Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut
Setting Niskin

Collecting water quality data for Pacific Salmon Foundation Salish Sea Marine Survival Project


 Student Engagement

Students from Resource Management and Protection, Fisheries and Aquaculture, VIU Biology Club, Biology, MA of Sustainable Leisure Management, Advanced GIS Diploma, SFU, NIC, Quest U. all were involved or visited the Field Station

Coastal & Estuarine Ecosystems  Class

12 summer student jobs
960 student work days
726 undergrad practicum/volunteer hrs

Jessica Kriesel.jpg

As part of her 2015 summer job – 1st year F&A Student Jessica Driver constructed a sophisticated Jellyfish Habitat (Kriesel)

5 Guest lectures on campus (Kingzett)

3 UVIC graduate students facilitated through CSR Environmental Interactions Program

2 VIU Undergraduate Directed Studies

1 GIS Advanced Diploma Internship

Second German intern student hosted

7 VIU class tours for faculty

Vertabrae repair

After volunteering on the Raise A Whale project Mykah Stonley decided to return to University and take biology studies.

Public Programs

$>305,000 Gross revenues from Public Programs

Public program revenues 1415

48 Tour and lunch community groups

137 Special events hosted by the Station

10,052 Adult walk-ins (not inc children)

Visitor admission revenues 1415

12,673 Visitors to events and activities

5826 meals served, plus 1732 Visitors came for Tea by the Sea

24 Promotional events in community

12 weekend wedding rentals

Educational Programs

1903 K-12 Student visits in programs

217 Hours of programs delivered = =6659 student hours

K-12 per month 1415

4 weeks of RDN youth summer camps 2015

96 Canadian Junior Rangers experienced marine programs for 1st time in 2015

where our students come from 1415

35 local teachers attended Marine Science Pro-D workshops with Ocean Networks Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada reps

Every student from Bowser Elementary for 2-hour marine science programs

8 culinary classes all grade 6/7 Bowser students

Our opportunity: Estimated 35,000 K-12 students w/in 90 min bus travel

Kids Programs 237

Dissect Your Dinner! – one of our most popular Elementary science classes. Students conduct squid dissections then learn how to make Calamari!

“As a school administrator for the last twenty years I have not been as pleased by an educational opportunity for my students as I have become over the last year in our relationship with DBMFS.”  –   Brian Nikula, Principal, Bowser Elementary

Claire Camera 2014 033

Community Engagement and Service

3 marine touch tanks at community festivals

10 presentations by Stn Mgr in community

2 Invited international presentations by Stn Mgr

>2220 Community volunteer hours at Stn.

3 years Treasurer Deep Bay Harbour Authority Board of Directors (Kingzett)

1 year Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators Association BC Co-Director (Vial)

Global Chair, Best Aquaculture Practices Mollusk Standards Committee, Global Aquaculture Alliance (Kingzett)

Highest profile Deep Bay tour and presentation: Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture

Engaging on Social Media

278 WORDPRESS blog posts viewed >101,000 times by 27,561 visitors

2225 TWEETS, 980 Followers and 131,000 Twitter impressions

1055 FACEBOOK Page likes in 12 months

0.93 Million views of 2826 FLICKR photos since 2009

13 YOUTUBE videos viewed 3467 times

187 INSTAGRAM Posts, followed by 134

Rated 4 of 5 by TRIPADVISOR   “A great excursion for a rainy day”

2 CBC Radio Interviews
6 TV Interviews
>34 Print Articles Published

Community Support


$85,842 for Raise a Whale Campaign, VIU’s First crowdfunding campaign

$120K estimated value of 2 tanks donated by Pacific Shores Resort 2015 now housing wolf eels and octopus respectively


$500 first annually recurring gift by local residents 2015

3 Sperm whale teeth donated for display

4 Wolf Eels donated by Vancouver Aquarium

$>2000 Value of donated millwork for Baleen Display

~$100K, our goal for the COOLEST CLASSROOM our next fund raising project


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