Why has commercial culture of cockles not taken off?

Basket Cockles

These native Basket (Nuttal’s) cockles (Clinocardium nuttallii) were recovered as wild recruits by-catch in an off-bottom research project in Deep Bay this December – that essentially means that they are approximately six months post settlement, a phenomenal growth potential. Somehow though, the potential of this species for aquaculture in BC as yet to be realized. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Assembly of our Next Gen Shellfish Rafts

We just finished building some more of or Next-Gen Shellfish Rafts and Max put the Go-Pro Camera on the roof of the RV Chetlo to document the construction.  Check out how they go together almost like Ikea (LOL).  Check below for a second video and more photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Shellfish Salon: Travel Report – Oyster culture in Tasmania and NSW Australia

Pelican on Australian Oyster Farm

AKA our first Shellfish Grower Coffee Shop   April 24, 200-3:30  at the Field Station Read the rest of this entry »

Second Great BC Oyster farm to plate Video

Turns out the video (couple posts below) is one of two great videos produced about Sawmill Bay Shellfish and BC Oysters in general – you can vote for the best of two here!

Overview Presentation about the Field Station

A new PowerPoint on slideshare about who we are and what we do.   Comments and Feedback welcome!

New Graduate Student Opportunities at the CSR: Ecological Interactions Program

3. EIRP Conducting Beach Studies 12.5.17

Dr. Sarah Dudas (right above), new VIU Canada Research Chair is recruiting 1-2 graduate students (MSc or PhD) to join the Ecological Interactions Research Program at the Centre for Shellfish Research and Deep Bay Marine Field station, Vancouver Island University. Read the rest of this entry »

Can we address oyster seed issues? A discussion

CTV Vancouver Island in yesterday talking with Oyster growers Rob Tryon (aka @effingoyster) and Hollie Wood about what some are calling the BC Oyster Seed Crisis. Read the rest of this entry »