An almost forgotten history of Native Oysters on Vancouver Island

Ostrea Lurida

We have been searching through 1800’s literature and newspapers to track the exploitation and disappearance of Native (Olympia) oysters from Baynes Sound and Vancouver Island as a whole. This is our longest post to date but is some research we are very excited about. We hope you enjoy this almost forgotten chapter of Vancouver Island estuarine ecosystems.   This has been a join effort of Brian Kingzett and Karen Leask (VIU) and Melissa Frey of the Royal BC Museum with supportive comments and help from many. Read the rest of this entry »

Film Event at the Station: “The Wild Windwards” Jan 26 / Feb 6

Join us for a screening of this exciting new film! Read the rest of this entry »

Overview Presentation about the Field Station

A new PowerPoint on slideshare about who we are and what we do.   Comments and Feedback welcome!

Seafood, Shellfish, Climate, Aquaculture, our future?

Working on new talk that I first gave to the BC Federation of Naturalists recent meeting in Parksville as Dinner Speaker.  Difficult issues and this was not exactly the talk this great group asked for, but they gave me a warm welcome, good feedback and we had a great discussion after.

I have subsequently given it to a couple of University classes.  A lot of information, perhaps too much and I probably owe some first year RMOT students an apology for overwhelming them.  But these are but important issues that are going to have a very significant impact on coastal communities, and the earth as a whole.  Basically represents all the stuff we’re thinking and talking about and  trying to address in our tiny way.

The talk is just slides with one exception so does not give the whole story without my usual rambling narrative.  I would really like for comments and feedback (see email address in sidebar or comments section).   If you would like to have your group hear the talk please let me know.


SOLAR FLUPSY project update: Design and Construction Report

Solar Flupsy anchored in the grid

Renewable energy and shellfish farming, using solar energy to grow oyster seed that will then sequester ocean CO2 – what’s not to like?  Our first post about our new demonstration Solar Powered FLUPSY (Floating Upweller System). We’re very excited about this project and as performance data becomes available we will be reporting a lot more but for now a rather longish post and photo essay about the design and construction. Read the rest of this entry »

Let it Blow! We’ve gone wind powered……

(Ok, the picture above I took in PEI, but that’s not the point)  We’re excited to continue our commitment to sustainability by now powering the Field Station with renewable energy through Bullfrog Power. To find out how we are, read on Read the rest of this entry »

Field Station featured in Canadian Builders Quarterly

12.01.17 Site Panorama

We are excited by being featured in the current issue of Canadian Builders Quarterly  “We didn’t build a green building just because we thought, ‘We’re the university, and we should have a green building,’” Kingzett says. “We built it because we’re not going to save the earth without a shift in foundational beliefs. And that starts with education.”

Read the full article here.