Research – Studying Drift Seaweed on Central Vancouver Island


At the request of BC Ministry of Agriculture, the VIU Deep Bay Marine Field Station is documenting the ecological activities around the distribution of wrack and the harvest activities of the introduced algae Mazzaella japonica during the 2014/15 harvest season. This information will provide managers, community and harvesters with information that will help assess the local environmental effects of this activity. Read the rest of this entry »

Developing the Native Basket Cockle for Aquaculture

We are seeing very promising results for developing the native basket cockle (Clinocardium nuttallii) as a new species for aquaculture in BC.  For several years now research teams at the CSR have worked on developing hatchery and now grow-out techniques.
Cultured Clinocardium Nuttali
Cockles in off-bottom tray culture on the Deep Bay Field Station Farm site.

More project details follow. Read the rest of this entry »

New Shaw Cable Video

Shaw TV Nanaimo produced a new video documentary (embedded below) about the Field Station which aired this week on “The Daily” – Channel 4.  Click to play

Construction Update 10.05.05

Front 10.05.05
Great spring weather as final structural components are finished and more site work begins. New civil contractor (AJ Project Management from Bowser) joins Mechanical (Archie Johnstone Plumbing and Heating) and Electrical (Tyee Electric) crews on site. More photos follow. Read the rest of this entry »

New Article in the Beacon Magazine: Could VIU’s Centre for Shellfish Research be a passport to prosperity in Lighthouse Country?

Creating Community Partnerships That Work

Another new article by writer Lisa Verbicky at the Beacon Magazine.  Lisa has taken a look at the community contribution of our sister facility Milner Gardens and what community impact the presence of the Field Station may have in Lighthouse Country.  Click here to Download the article.   We really appreciate the increasing community interest and support, it is really helping raise the bar for us to meet community expectations.

Lisa discusses the current VIU regional integrated planning initiative and our desire to get input that will help shape our future role within the community.  Let us know your opinions by emailing VIU at

Nanaimo Daily News 10.04.06

We made the Front Page (and page 5) of the Nanaimo Daily News today.  The web version is available here:  Hopes High for BC Shellfish Culture Industry

Construction Update 09.11.26

Some photos of construction taken during today’s site meetings.
The view everyone is going to get from the public areas which go right above these two rooms.  That’s Mt. Washington in the distance.

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