Research – Studying Drift Seaweed on Central Vancouver Island


At the request of BC Ministry of Agriculture, the VIU Deep Bay Marine Field Station is documenting the ecological activities around the distribution of wrack and the harvest activities of the introduced algae Mazzaella japonica during the 2014/15 harvest season. This information will provide managers, community and harvesters with information that will help assess the local environmental effects of this activity. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome new researcher Dr. Linda D’Anna; social science, ecology and shellfish!

Linda D'Anna  11.10.07

Social science and shellfish. Are shellfish social? Well, oysters, for example, are referred to as gregarious since their larvae preferentially select settlement locations – where they will live for the rest of their lives – near other oysters. But that isn’t exactly the kind of social up for study by a new project supported by the Institute for Coastal Research and the Centre for Shellfish Research.  We’re pretty excited about the newest member of the team Dr. Linda D’Anna who is starting new research to characterize the social-ecological properties, processes, and interactions within the Baynes Sound ecosystem that promote social-ecological resilience. Read the rest of this entry »