Final Report: Monitoring of Drift Seaweed and Harvest in Central Strait of Georgia 2014/15

We have released our final report on studying the drift seaweed and its harvest south of Deep Bay last winter!  You can download the final report prepared for the BC Ministry of Agriculture at this link:VIUCSR Beach Wrack Monitoring 2014-15 Final Report150522bk. If you are interested in this issue we urge you to please download the full report.  The Executive Summary from the report follows below the jump.  We anticipate that we will hold a community reporting session at the Field Station this summer to present the research of ourselves and others. Read the rest of this entry »

Field Station Researchers ask public for help with local study

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Seen any of these on the local beaches of Bowser or Deep Bay area?  We’re looking for help with part of our Seaweed Study from residents of Bowser and Deep Bay. Read the rest of this entry »

Research – Studying Drift Seaweed on Central Vancouver Island


At the request of BC Ministry of Agriculture, the VIU Deep Bay Marine Field Station is documenting the ecological activities around the distribution of wrack and the harvest activities of the introduced algae Mazzaella japonica during the 2014/15 harvest season. This information will provide managers, community and harvesters with information that will help assess the local environmental effects of this activity. Read the rest of this entry »

Why has commercial culture of cockles not taken off?

Basket Cockles

These native Basket (Nuttal’s) cockles (Clinocardium nuttallii) were recovered as wild recruits by-catch in an off-bottom research project in Deep Bay this December – that essentially means that they are approximately six months post settlement, a phenomenal growth potential. Somehow though, the potential of this species for aquaculture in BC as yet to be realized. Read the rest of this entry »

New Graduate Student Opportunities at the CSR: Ecological Interactions Program

3. EIRP Conducting Beach Studies 12.5.17

Dr. Sarah Dudas (right above), new VIU Canada Research Chair is recruiting 1-2 graduate students (MSc or PhD) to join the Ecological Interactions Research Program at the Centre for Shellfish Research and Deep Bay Marine Field station, Vancouver Island University. Read the rest of this entry »

Debuting our new compact shellfish research hatchery


Several months ago at lunch we gave ourselves a challenge: “Could we turn one of the new wet labs into a compact shellfish hatchery that could be used for our Olympia Oyster restoration efforts and produce significant numbers of shellfish seed for commercial research?”.  More importantly could we take lessons from the building systems and make the hatchery as energy efficient as possible?

After a lot of hard work by the team, this week our new “compact hatchery” really came on line.  This is what it looks like from the public viewing mezzanine.  Read on for a long geeky shellfish explanation of what we are up to and some shots of us spawning geoducks which is pretty crazy in itself. Read the rest of this entry »

Research Objective: Restoration of the Native (Olympia) Oyster

Oly heaven

Did you know that the oyster grown in BC and most of the rest of the world is an import from Japan? Brought in after overfishing and pollution destroyed populations of our Native oyster? Or that 85 % of all the native oyster reefs in the world have vanished? Or that we have been working on the Native (Olympia) oyster since 2008 and now are starting a more active program?  If not read on…. Read the rest of this entry »